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Heaton Erecting, Inc. is committed to the team approach of providing the best customer service in our industry. We consider our customer to be an integral member of our team, and our success is dependent on the mutual success of our customers. Our corporate employee recognition program – S T P – is founded on these principles.


  • Provide training to our employees, and to our customers, as needed
  • Promote and enforce compliance with all OSHA, federal, and state regulatory requirements
  • Conduct routine jobsite safety and equipment inspections
  • Promptly and thoroughly investigate all safety issues or incidents
  • Promote a safety culture with our employees, customers, and industry partners


  • Build long term relationships with our employees, customers, and industry resources
  • Develop team players who are committed to our mutual success
  • Promote an attitude of integrity and respect for our employees and customers


  • Promote professionalism among team members
  • Provide the most productive service possible while adhering to strict safety standards
  • Ensure profitability for our company, our employees, and our customers
  • Provide the highest value of service and products to all team members
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