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MARCH 15, 2020

As the outbreak of coronavirus in the US expands, Heaton Erecting, Inc. is working diligently to protect our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors by keeping them informed and as safe as possible. During the coming weeks, we are asking for your cooperation in adhering to the guidelines we are setting for our facility.

Effective immediately, all outside vendors, suppliers, customers, or other persons must call in advance to schedule an appointment with the appropriate staff when there is a need to be on site at our facility. As much as possible, we request that telephone and email be utilized for communication with our staff. Visits to our facility should be limited to important business needs.

We will not accept “cold calls” or unsolicited visits. Further, any non-employee visiting our facility may be subject to screening criteria prior to admittance to our facility.

We will have signs noting the appropriate entrance to our facility. Approved admittance to our facility will be through our shop door, located next to our first roll up door. You will not be authorized to proceed further without an employee escort.

We also ask that you immediately inform our office if any of your employees have been exposed to, or diagnosed with coronavirus/COVID-19. It is not necessary to provide any personal information, in compliance with HIPPA regulations, but we do ask that specific job site or exposure location be provided to us. We will in turn do the same for you with our employees.

We have instituted a strict avoidance/social distancing policy with our own employees and are constantly updating our knowledge of CDC and WHO recommendations. This is a very fluid situation for all of us and by cooperating with each other, we hope to be a part of the solution for our nation.

We welcome your comments or suggestions and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Carol L. Heaton

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